When we partner with you as a start-up (typically with 0-100 employees with some seed funding), our talent partner will embed into your team to help you:

  • Build and execute a customized recruitment strategy
  • Source the top-tier of talent in the market to build the highly-skilled team you need to succeed
  • Create a customized careers page to raise your company brand and reputation
  • Implementation of recruitment technology to perfect candidate experience, which is yours to keep post engagement
  • Keep you informed with recruitment progress with our tailored weekly reporting metric


As part of your scale-up strategy (typically with 100-1,000 employees), our talent partner will support you as your business continues to grow. We can help with:

  • Refining your end-to-end recruitment process
  • Source the top-tier of talent in the market to build the highly-skilled team you need to succeed
  • Identifying and filling gaps in your business as you continue to grow
  • Championing your brand and successes at events
  • Weekly reporting metrics to keep you up-to-date with your recruitment progress


When we embed with your enterprise, we work as an extension of your brand or in-house recruiting team. We can help you:

  • Executive talent search
  • Sourcing and market mapping
  • Implementing the latest recruitment technology
  • Creating and implementing an end-to-end recruitment strategy
  • Building your brand and business profile

Executive search

We partner with start-up’s, scale-ups and enterprise, to make key executive hires. We can help you:

  • by providing full-cycle, multi-layered executive search services to suit your needs
  • research the market providing qualitative and quantitative data points to target the perfect profile
  • expedite complex searches when you need to identify the best talent in the shortest amount of time
  • with market entry to new countries hiring the first hires in those locations
  • provide market intelligence along with updates supplemented by real-time data reports to track progress

How we work


We partner with you and customize our process to build out best in class recruitment practices while finding the right talent every time.


Being integrated and part of your team allows us to understand the internal culture and values of your business. We're not just sending resumes we're managing your entire recruitment process.


As a strategic partner embedded in your organization, we work with you to build your team the right way and set you up for future success while saving you a significant amount of time and money.